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The R.M. of Blucher is 10 kilometers south-east of Saskatoon. Within the municipality there are six urban centers: Allan, Bradwell, Clavet, Elstow, the Hamlet of Blucher, and the Sunset Estate Mobile Home Park. Each urban center offers a variety of different services specializing to their needs. Located an addition 15 kilometers from the yardsite is the R.M. of Colonsay. The major urban center in this municipality is the town of Colonsay.

With a close proximity to the city, many acreages have developed in the municipality of Blucher. Both R.M.'s have a powerful agricultural base as well as a variety of other industrial and commercial services including two potash mines, two anhydrous ammonia bulk fertilizer distribution centers, and a canola crushing plant. Special natural features of the R.M.'s include an abundance of wetlands for ducks and geese and also a number of brush areas accomodating large populations of deer. The R.M.'s has magnificent picturesque views of the charming countryside and vibrant sunrises and sunsets. You can enjoy all the wonders of nature and live in peaceful country surroundings, yet be only minutes from a major urban center

Educational Facilities:

  • K-12 Schools located in Colonsay, Clavet and Allan

Alternate Employment Opportunities:

  • four potash mines within the two muncipalities
  • man industrial manufacturing and assembly jobs

Sports and Recreation:

  • swimming pool located at Colonsay
  • baseball diamonds
  • golf course at Colonsay
  • arena with hockey rink and curling facilities
  • bowling alley in Allan

Community and Health Services:

  • family physicians in Colonsay and Allan
  • RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
  • post offices

Other services and ammenities:

  • restaurants
  • banking
  • grocery and hardware stores
  • laundromat
  • much more